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Kwok Cheung Tsang's Profile

Kwok Cheung Tsang / Derek Tsang
Birth Place: Hong Kong
Birth Date: 1979-11-08
Height: 174cms
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Kwok Cheung Tsang's Dramas & Movies:

  • Watch Triad (Movie) online

    Triad (Movie)

    Chinese Movie
    The 90's were the glory days for the Hong Kong Triads, an underground order that has stood the test of time, stemming from an offshoot of the Shaolin monks that… [More]
    Status: Completed Released: 2012 Rating: NA (0 Votes)
  • Watch Scare 2 Die (Movie) online

    Scare 2 Die (Movie)

    HongKong Movie
    It consists of 3 stories. Au Cun is given an ancient coin to bring him good luck, however it also pays with one?s life. Wing wakes up and finds herself… [More]
    Status: Completed Released: 2008 Rating: NA (0 Votes)
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